A real treat to please all

(Greek coffee, Nescafe, Espresso, Cappuccino, Late, Macchiato, Freddo espresso, Freddo cappuccino, Iced coffee, Hot chocolate, American coffee, filter coffee)

Assortments of teas

Fresh orange juice

Bacon, turkey and pork sausages

Omelets of your choice, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, sunny side up eggs and boiled eggs

Pancakes with maple syrup

French toast

White and brown bread

Choice of Croissant, marmalades and Greek honey

All bran, Cornflakes and Choco balls

Yogurt with honey and fruit

Ham and cheese sandwiches

Assortment of Greek cheeses

Assortment of cold cuts – cured meats

Fruit salad or fresh season’s fruit assortment

Manouri cheese with Greek olive oil and Santorini cherry tomatoes

Sliced tomato and cucumber with Greek olives

Greek olive oil and oregano