Living Space


Oia Mansion’s
Living Space

“Royal” style and epoch furniture

Be The Noble Lord Of The Mansion…

High vaulted ceilings in the living spaces, integration of tradition in the neoclassical architecture, fluid lines, colors, textures and handpicked furniture were aimed to serve the noble owners and their honorable guests.

Uplifting elegance, “royal” style and contemporary conveniences give you a spontaneous sense of belonging: you are at home.

The living room is an equally gracious space with high cross-vaulted ceilings, beige textured walls, the authentic wooden floors and the large sculptured Venetian mirror. It has hosted legendary “vengeras”, as were called the evening parties of the era with dinner, music and dancing. Aristocratic though it may be, the living room is comfortable and cozy. It evokes a serene homely feeling, whereby the engaging pleasure of the space, takes your imagination for ride. It puts you in the mood for dancing a waltz with your partner.

To keep in touch with the present, the living room is equipped with a discrete 42” flat screen 3D TV, cable TV and home cinema that facilitates independent sources like iPod, DVD’s etc.

Oia Mansion’s
Dining Area

Dine in “royal” style in Oia Mansion’s dining room, or rather dining area as it is strategically located in the middle of the Living room, inner terrace and the Sea-Captain’s office. The epoch furniture: the Georgian chandelier, the Venetian hand carved wooden cabinet and mirror, the large dining table that can be extended to seat up to ten persons, the elegant beige textured wall and the curved ceilings make you mentally participate in the majestic old time dinners.

Reception &
Sea–Captain’s Office

With elegant decoration, details on the ceiling and soothing colors, the reception and Sea-Captain’s office establish a homely felling. The Sea-Captain’s office with the antique furniture, the captain’s desk, the typewriter, the chair with sea blue fabric and the portrait of Loucas Nomicos (1st descendant) commences the journey to the glorious era. Equipped with printer and Wi-Fi the sea-captain’s office allows you to keep up with business needs.

Oia Mansion’s

Lavish and yet simple, with fluid lines, traditional and modern, uplifting and pacifying, they travel you back in time and evoke film like dreams. Named after family members, Oia Mansion’s four bedrooms make you feel at home, as though you’ve been there before. They comfortably accommodate up to eight people in a variety of options

Aegean Kitchen

The Kitchen is another hidden jewel of Oia Mansion. Whereas the space, the original intact floor tiles creating a staircase – serpentine illusion and the elegant door, in Cycladic blue, decorated with forged iron, travel you back in time, its modern equipment (stove, oven, microwaves, refrigerator, espresso coffee maker and a number of other appliances) bring you back to the present. Conveniently located, it accesses directly and can discreetly service the two yards and the terrace.

Oia Mansion’s

The basement can also
serve as luggage storing space.