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Your dream wedding experience

“Beyond your dreams

  Your journey to the sunset…”


Couples in love from around the world choose Oia Mansion for their dream wedding experience and honeymoon, to renew their vows or propose in the most romantic scenery, as the Sun dives.

A number of wedding have taken place at Oia Mansion. Our philosophy is to provide for a custom celebration tailored to your taste and our experienced wedding planner stands by with an assortment of fine options.

Beyond the Unusual
Beyond the Unique!

Your dream wedding experience

The sacred Saint Nicholas chapel

on the volcanic rock islet


Carved in the black volcanic rock islet, the charming Saint Nicolas chapel greets the travelers arriving by boat to Santorini. Instead of “horse and carriage”, you arrive by the traditional boat “kaiki”. We are always available to assist or undertake the entire occasion.

Oops! Not to forget! The deep crystal clear waters around St. Nicolas islet is an attraction for diving from a height of 15 feet (5m). The rumor goes that some “just married” leaped of the edge in the water, tempting the guests to follow.


We can provide the authentic and appropriate setting for a variety of events

Commercial Events


Oia Mansion, the historic Sea-Captain’s house in Oia Santorini, is available and provides the authentic and appropriate setting for a variety of events, such as, family celebrations, reunions, corporate meetings, fashion and advertising photo shoots, documentaries and films.

Successful photo shoots in Oia by prominent fashion establishments etc., have already made cover pages of world class fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Oia Mansion is particularly suited for professional photography as it combines the ultimate views with traditional aristocratic interiors and neoclassical facade.

For the same reasons it lends itself for films.