Our employees are FULLY vaccinated


Dear Guest,

All our employees have been fully vaccinated. Oia Mansion is a private covid free & safe independent building, by definition a small sanctuary of privacy and seclusion, providing for a sequestered environment, offering privacy and safety from crowds and exclusive use of all amenities.

The villa is equipped with cleaning disinfectant throughout the premises. A complementary kit consisting of masks & a travel-size hand-sanitizers will also be available. Our staff is educated & up to date with the new Covid-19 health and safety measures.

Professional cleaning and certified, eco-friendly sanitization using steam cleaners will take place in- between all bookings and for stays exceeding four nights. Rigorous daily cleaning procedure will be in place, with certified cleaning products, as well as daily disinfection of higher risk areas, emphasizing common, frequently used surfaces, such as doorknobs, keys, remote controls, and mattresses.

Air-condition units are undergoing antimicrobial cleaning on a regular basis.

The jacuzzi, the outdoor spaces, and all facilities on the property are private and exclusively available to our guests. Upon your arrival the jacuzzi will be completely empty & filled in your presence.

However, for precautional reasons, although all our employees are fully vaccinated, minimal interaction with our guests is still required. Strictly enforced rules, such as wearing masks at all times, hand hygiene and physical distancing will be applied. Where possible cleaning/disinfecting protocols that guests may prefer, will be carefully implemented at the property.

We know what holidays mean to you and we’ll be here to make sure you relax, recharge and enjoy your stay with us in a covid free and safe environment.


Oia Mansion Management team