Tradition and Glorious Heritage Since 1870

Ambassador Of The Islands Class

Oia village on Santorini Island was the choice of residence of its wealthy ship owners, persons with passion as well as vision and social conscience. Since the late 19th century, they built two-storied neoclassical “palaces”, living monuments of the era of the cultural and, indeed, financial development of the village. They established a society ahead of its time.

Oia Mansion luxury villa in Santorini was founded around 1870. Since then, four generations of the Nomicos family have lived and prospered in Oia Mansion, contributing substantially to the community in cultural and financial terms. They have all been gifted captains and ship-owners, ingenious businessmen, leading figures and benefactors of national acclaim. The community’s gratitude is reflected in a multitude of ways, to name a few: The central walkway has been named after Nicolas Nomicos senior and a statue of Loucas Nomicos adorns St George square. In the early nineties Nicos Nomicos (son) financed the construction of the Maritime Museum of Thira & Loucas Nomicos (grandson) contributed substantially for the repair of the St Nicolas church.

Located at the North West end of the village, Oia Mansion is the finest neoclassical captain-house of Oia. A jewel of the architectural trend, it has been registered as a “cultural heritage building” by the Ministry of Aegean and the Ministry of Culture.

The distinguishing architectural element of the neoclassical captain – house style is the main façade which carries characteristic ornaments of strictly neclassical type.

Furthermore, the ground floor is a functional space with large chambers. Vaulted ceilings amplify the aesthetic of the space. In particular, the element of vaulted ceilings – curved and cross vaulted – is influenced by monastery architecture.

The captain’s house is really a variation of the neoclassical style that seamlessly integrates folklore elements, distinguishing it from the ordinary neoclassical houses of the island.


Furniture is yet another source of luxury and refined aesthetics of the Oia Mansion Captains House. Handpicked sofas, china, cabinets, Venetian mirrors, old chandeliers and exquisite works of art, were brought home from America, Odessa, Alexandria, Malta…, literally “the four corners of the world”

Furniture, priceless, rare and well preserved antiques and architecture take the guest to the aristocratic ambiance of that historic, glorious and creative era.

Over the years, distinguished guests among them, prominent politicians, prime ministers, ship-owners, international business personalities, intellectuals and family friends have enjoyed the generous hospitality of the owners.

Recently: Hollywood blockbusters such as Summer Lovers (1980) and Lara Croft (2002) were filmed in the surrounding area. In August 2004 the NBC network, filmed the sunset off the terrace for a morning show.